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The retirements of high-level employees can be costly for an organization.

Last week, the supervisory board voted to use a search company to find the next county attorney. It has not been decided whether the county will use a search company to find a new police chief.

“But it’s likely we’ll use outside contract services,” county spokeswoman Emily Kilroy said.

Kilroy said there would be a fixed fee-for-service fee of $ 28,500, for the county attorney, plus advertising costs, background checks of finalists and travel costs for final in-person interviews.

“The finance and budget department is working to identify the specific source of these expenses,” Kilroy said.

She said staff would first look at lost wages within the department, then lost wages from the county executive department, and finally a contingency reserve, if necessary.

According to a survey of state and local government workforce trends in 2021 conducted by the MissionSquare Research Institute, more and more employees eligible for retirement are accelerating their retirement date.

“When this survey was first conducted in 2009, 44% of governments reported that their employees eligible for retirement were postponing their retirement – a peak influenced by the recession,” the report said. “Now, influenced by the events of the past year, 38% said employees are stepping up their plans – the highest percentage to report since the start of the survey. “

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