Andalusia | Andalusia will take central government to court if EU funds are unfairly distributed, warns Juanma Moreno

Moreno, wearing virtual reality glasses, in Granada on January 13 / EFE/ MIGUEL ÁNGEL MOLINA

Junta president criticizes lack of transparency and backtracking

Hector Barbotta

The leader of Andalusia’s Partido Popular (PP) has joined his counterpart in the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in threatening to sue the government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez if European funds are not distributed in all of Spain per inhabitant of each autonomous region.

The PP and the PSOE are at loggerheads over how to distribute the exceptional Covid-19 funds disbursed by Brussels.

Speaking in Granada on January 13, Moreno said the junta “will not allow any decrease in resources from any point of view.”

“I sincerely believe that things are not going well with these funds, because there is no transparency or direct information and there is no co-governance with the autonomous communities,” the chief said. of the junta.

Sánchez, Moreno said, violates an earlier commitment he made to guarantee that 50% of EU funds would be managed by the autonomous regions. This amount has since been reduced to 33%.

Moreno accused the central government of being “arbitrary and opaque”.

“We will always show the utmost loyalty, but at the same time with an unwavering determination so that no resource is lost,” he added.

Junta spokesman Elías Bendodo confirmed: “We do not rule out the possibility of going to court to demand what is fair for all Andalusians.” He called on the prime minister to be “loyal and just” to Andalusia.

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