“BJP plundering land in Ayodhya …” accuses Congress of central government

New Delhi: The Congress party alleged on Wednesday that several Bjp leaders and some government officials in Uttar Pradesh bought the land around the Temple of the Ram under construction in Ayodhya at a symbolic price and that the looting of the land comes after the verdict of Supreme Court in 2019.

National Congress Secretary General and Chief Spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala also said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should respond to the plundering of donations and looting of land and conduct an impartial investigation into the whole matter. Surjewala said referring to the names of some BJP MPs in Uttar Pradesh and some senior local government officials, he claimed that the BJP people had committed sedition for which they deserved “sin and curse” . There is currently no response from the BJP or the government of Uttar Pradesh to Congress’ request.

Surjewala further said earlier donations were looted in the name of the Ram Temple and now buildings are being looted. Clearly, the BJP is now committing sedition. The land is directly plundered. On the one hand, the lamp of faith was lit and on the other, the people of the BJP plundered the land. He claimed that now a new revelation has been made that the land near the Ram Temple under construction has been purchased on a large scale by BJP deputies, mayors, members of the OBC commission and senior administration officials.

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