Bzzzzz: Cebu city government “liquid”, “di pa banki”. Despite the total P14.4B budget for 2021 and the shortfall, the numbers allay BOPK’s fears.


The “third force” in the Cebu City race

The SPEECH of a “third force” in the Cebu City elections, particularly in the ranks of Partido Barug, began earlier this year, but was raised slightly in decibels due to two major issues in the selection. of candidates by the local party. Asked about the progress of the negotiation or the decision, a party member said: “Wala pa gyud. The third force is coming.

Such are the bets of the Congress in the two districts of the city: councilor Niña Mabatid and television host Richard Yap in the south; Councilor Edu Rama and former Councilor Joy Pesquera in the south.

Or the third force could come from the BOPK, if former congressman Rachel “Cutie” del Mar and former councilor Mary Ann de los Santos led and separated BOPK supporters in the north.

The leaders of Barug and BOPK know the danger of a third force. A split in any part of the squad could bring down the whole party, especially in the fight for the top two seats in Town Hall.


‘Naa pa gyud (kwarta)’

During Cebu City Council budget hearings last year and the Supplementary Budget hearing earlier this year, two councilors belonging to the opposition BOPK expressed fears that the town hall might go bankrupt at the end of this year. 2021 or before. A third minority adviser expressed concern about expenses which he said were unrelated to Covid’s response and could be dropped or postponed.

Their anxiety arose from the huge budget for the current year (a total of 14.4 billion pesos, including the supplementary budget) and the amount of money (2.1 billion pesos) taken from the barrel. from the SRP Lot Sale Fund, coupled with the prospect that the city treasury will not meet the tax collection target due to the pandemic.

The figures given by the accounts office and the budget office during the Sanggunian’s regular session on Wednesday, September 8, seemed for the moment to allay fears. These were the same figures provided by the municipal government to the Audit Commission, covering the period January 1 to June 30, 2021. Gilbert Tabasa, assistant to OIC accountant Jerome Ornopia, and the budget office of the ‘OCI Marietta Gumia briefed the advisers.

NUMBERS. Basically, which looks good for the state of the city’s finances:

[1] It has P22 billion in total assets, P10 billion in total liabilities, P17 billion in bank cash and P19.3 billion in equity.

[2] Of its main budget of 10 billion pesos for this year, only 4.5 billion pesos – less than 50 percent – has been committed.

[3] The treasurer’s office had a gross income of 4.1 billion pesos and must raise 3.8 billion pesos for the remainder of the year to meet the 2021 budget, but he indicated that actual spending could be brought under control if incomes were decreasing.

The figures drew comments from advisers such as “naa pa gyud” (there is money left) and “di pa banki”.

GO LESS MONEY, SPEND LESS. The leader of the Nestor Archival minority group said that “the lack of fundraising calls for a lack of spending”. It appears to be the job of the three bureaus – budget, accounting and treasury – to watch the red flag so that they can sound the alarm for the spending cap.

BOPK adviser Alvin Dizon drew attention to DBM Circular No.580 of April 22, 2020, which calls on financial services to take belt-tightening action amid the pandemic. Mayet Gumia of the budget office did not tell Dizon the greater role of executive and legislative leaders in cutting spending.


Bomb scares on City Hall, Capitol

Not really threats, just pranks, which sent the occupants of Cebu City Hall on August 27th and Cebu Capitol Building on Monday September 13th, running out of their offices until demining teams say it is safe to return.

Both are government buildings, which has led police investigators to say that the “criminal” must be the same person (“a big possibility”). They do not mark a current employee who has not been paid for months as a suspect. But that’s a “big possibility”, isn’t it?

Pranks like these won’t stop unless the police have the ability to trace the source of the threat or prank.

Apparently they don’t have it yet.


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