Cabinet approves NT $ 2.2391 billion central government budget bill


Taipei, Aug 26 (CNA) The Taiwanese government on Thursday approved a draft 2022 budget of NT $ 2.2391 billion ($ 80.14 billion) presented by the central government, which has a strong focus on financing protection social.

The NT $ 22.391 billion bill represents an annual increase of 9% but will still leave a deficit of NT $ 23 billion as central government spending is expected to increase by around 5.9% in 2022, said office.

Of the proposed NT $ 2.2621 billion in spending, most will go to social protection, with an allocation of NT $ 601.8 billion, or 26.6% of the total, according to the bill.

Educational, cultural and scientific projects will consume 20.1 percent, national defense 15.7 percent and economic development programs 11.5 percent, according to the budget proposal.

Following Cabinet approval of the budget plan presented by the General Directorate of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS), the bill is expected to be submitted to the Legislative Assembly by the end of the month for consideration. and adoption.

In the DGBAS proposal, he stated that the estimated NT $ 23 billion budget deficit and NT $ 96 billion in debt repayment would be funded by a NT $ 50 billion surplus, which had accumulated in the past. in recent years, and a loan of NT $ 69 billion.

Due to NT $ 69 billion in borrowing and a special NT $ 185.6 billion budget for emergencies and others, central government debt in 2022 will rise to NT $ 254.6 billion. NT dollars, DGBAS said.

The accumulated national debt stock, meanwhile, will rise to NT $ 64.197 billion in 2022, down 0.9 percentage point from this year, representing 32% of average nominal gross domestic product. of the country over the past three years, according to the DGBAS.

Also on Thursday, Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) noted that no allowance has been made in the 2022 budget proposals to increase the salaries of teachers, civil servants and military personnel.

However, Su said, he instructed DGBAS, the Directorate General of Personnel Administration (DGPA) and other relevant government agencies to look into the matter so that the central government can lead the way. these employees to get a salary. to augment.

Also commenting on the matter, DGBAS chief Chu Tzer-ming (朱澤民) said that although a salary increase for these categories of employees was not recommended by the evaluation committee of the DGPA, this does not mean that a salary increase cannot be considered on the basis of the Prime Minister’s directives.

(By Yeh Su-ping, Lai Yu-chen and Evelyn Kao)

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