Campaigner calls for Sefton’s study to be coordinated by central government

David Barton believes leveling the Sefton area will bring many benefits

Written by David Barton

A prominent Southport heritage activist is proposing that his local authority formally submit a bid to be part of an exclusive pilot upgrading strategy coordinated by the central government for ten years.

If so, the proposal would entail a detailed academic analysis and assessment of the entire Borough of Sefton, with the responsibility to assess and present the core priorities that would strengthen the region’s economy, while at the same time best supporting communities and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The academic study, which may include the award of a long sought-after grant during its cycle, would also be carried out in the most impartial manner possible by people from outside the region. The availability of progress reports would be made freely accessible to the public with the incorporation of relevant background knowledge of those with no pecuniary interests also taken into consideration by evaluators and researchers chronicling every aspect of upgrading the area.

A particular goal would be the identification of Unique Selling Points (USPs), such as locally acclaimed civic heritage that can be restored using archival material where a particular landscape may have been observed to have fallen. changed considerably over time. If this is done over a sufficient period of time, such as a decade to allow for a more in-depth empirical assessment, a range of short, medium and long term needs can be discovered and can even receive the required financial support more quickly.

David Barton, a former Dukes Ward councilor spanning downtown and West Birkdale, wants to see an improvement in place creation across the Borough of Sefton. He says there are many iterative benefits for Southport and all conurbations if there is a more harmonized approach that will bring regional economic prowess and in turn more reliable net income for Sefton.

The community activist, whose ultimate goal has been and remains the restoration of Southport, believes that by proactively seeking to level the Sefton area, it will bring multiple benefits, such as increased tranches of grants, foreign investment and, overall, a greatly improved creation of places. .

Mr Barton said: “I implore Sefton’s Council to consider this groundbreaking proposal which could be a game-changer and usher in a true renaissance of progress for so many if ultimately granted by officials in Whitehall.

He says: “By connecting the multiple municipalities of Sefton academically, it would bring so many benefits to so many people and organizations, based here and in the four countries through the ability to better inform other cities and areas. parallels with similar concerns elsewhere across Britain. “

“Regardless of local and national governance, if implemented, my proposal would also have the appealing quality of dispelling societal divisions, while allowing for the best practical use of all available resources. It could also realistically hold the key to re-energizing entire areas spanning different local authorities, such as Aintree. “

“In addition, it should be noted that by facilitating a high focus on key themes, such as civic heritage, principles of place creation and the mainframe of pillars in a diverse geography, this could even be presented to the international scale, bringing new business opportunities for this part of the globe in turn.

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