Central government employees will benefit greatly from the CTG rule

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sevenand Pay the Big Update Commission: There is great news for thousands of central government employees. The Center has agreed to remove the Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) cap in cases where the retiring employee relocates to or within 20 kilometers of the last place of employment.

Until now, the Center paid one third of the CTG to employees who moved to the last duty station or less than 20 kilometers from the last duty station.

To apply for a grant, you must first move

The Center has now decided to remove the criterion of the distance of 20 kilometers from the last duty station. However, to qualify for the grant, you must move. Under the revised criteria, government employees are eligible for the full CTG (i.e. 80% of the previous month’s base salary) to settle in their last job or any other location after retirement.

What is a Composite Transfer Grant (CTG)?

For the uninitiated, the CTG is a unique award issued by the federal government to help retired employees leave their former duty station.

The CTG is currently credited to the State up to 80% of the base salary of the last salary received. Employees entering or leaving the Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep island regions after retirement, on the other hand, receive 100% of their base salary.

It has been decided that for the purposes of the composite transfer grant in r/o Central administration employee who wishes to move to the last job or other than the last job after retirement, the condition of 20 km. of the last workstation is deleted provided that it is indeed a change of residence“, said the Expenditure Department of the Ministry of Finance in a notification.

The full CTG would be eligible to settle in the last duty station or other than the last duty station after retirement, i.e. at the rate of 80% of the base salary for the last month.” indicates the ministry’s memorandum.

How do I apply for a Composite Transfer Grant (CTG)?

To be eligible for the CTG, a government employee must submit to the central government a self-declaration certificate regarding a change of residence in the approved format, and the grant will be awarded accordingly.

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