Central government grants 170 crore rupees to Meghalaya as part of Jal Jeevan mission


The Union government, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has made it a high priority to connect every rural household in the country to running water. The Indian government has granted Rs 169.60 crore in Meghalaya in order to accelerate the execution of the Jal Jeevan Mission.

The state has been allocated a federal fund of Rs.678.39 crore for the execution of the Jal Jeevan mission in 2021-22, which is finished four times the amount allocated in 2020-2021.

Out of 5.90 lakh, rural household in Meghalaya state only 1.88 lakh households which is 31% of the rural population has a connection to running water. This is why the central government wanted to provide approximately 3.39 lakh local houses with a connection to tap water in 2021-22. This led the Union government to give top priority to the Jal Jeevan mission and led to its decision to increase budget allocations to Rs 92 309 Crore in 2021-22, from Rs 23,022 Crore the previous year.

Govt. Open to over 2000 water quality testing facilities

With a focus on public health, the government has opened more 2,000 Statewide water quality testing facilities for the general public, allowing anyone to have their water samples tested anytime and at low cost. There are 31 such water analysis laboratories in Meghalaya.

In all schools and Anganwadi centers, efforts are made to ensure that tap water is available for drinking, preparing lunches, washing hands and using in the toilet. Nowadays, 7 281 schools (55%) and 2,442 (53%) Anganwadi centers in Meghalaya received a tap water to supply.

the Jal Jeevan Mission which was announced by Prime Minister Modi on August 15, 2019 aims to provide an assured supply of tap water to every rural household by 2024 and is currently being implemented in partnership with states.

Source: FRP

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