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BHOPAL: A central government advance team will reach flood-affected areas of Madhya Pradesh to assess loss of life and property. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who spoke with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Interior Minister Amit Shah and Vice President M Vankaiah Naidu on the flood situation, said the government of the State would compensate for the loss of property and livestock after the team’s assessment.
Today, he spoke by telephone with the Minister of the Interior of the trade union Amit Shah and informed him in detail about the adverse circumstances resulting from the flooding in the state, the relief works, the cooperation of various relief teams from the Center and basic needs of affected families, ”Chouhan said. Thursday.
He further said: “While ensuring all possible aid to Madhya Pradesh, Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke of sending a central government forward team to Madhya Pradesh to assess the Flood damage I express my sincere gratitude to the Home Minister for their continued support.
Chouhan said he also spoke with Vice President M Vankaiah Naidu and briefed him on the flood situation in the state. “I spoke to Vice President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu ji by phone today and informed him that Sheopur, Shivpuri, Datia, Bhind and Morena districts are badly affected by flooding. The Honorable Vice President has expressed concern for the flood victims in Madhya Pradesh for which I am deeply grateful, ”Chouhan said. The Chief Minister also met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the third day in a row and briefed him on relief and rescue operations as well as central assistance required in the affected areas. “I spoke by phone with the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji this morning and briefed him on the current situation of flooding in Madhya Pradesh, rescue operations and relief works. Also gave information regarding loss of infrastructure, damage to crops, electricity and telecommunications network in the affected areas, ”the Chief Minister said.
“The Prime Minister assured that the central government is alongside the victims of Madhya Pradesh in this difficult situation and that all possible help will be given to the State. I thank him on behalf of the people of the State for this initiative sensitive, ”Chouhan said. noted.
The chief minister also assured that the losses due to the floods will be compensated after investigation in each village. “Those whose homes have been destroyed and swept away, new homes will be built for them. Half a quintal of the ration will be immediately distributed to families affected by the floods. After assessing the damage to household items, food grains and crops, financial assistance will be granted separately. In addition, Rs 25,000 will be paid against destroyed wells, tube wells and Rs 20,000 per livestock for the loss of cows, bulls and buffaloes, ”the chief minister said on Thursday during his tour of the affected areas. by flooding. .

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