Chad Norman Day re-elected Tahltan Central Government Chairman

Tahltan Central Government (TCG), the political arm of the First Nation in northwestern British Columbia, announced its newly elected executive committee following a general election held last week.

The 4th of July announcement will see Chad Norman Day continue as TCG Chairman. Day, who has served as president for eight years, said he will continue to advance issues important to the Tahltan people, including the preservation and enhancement of Tahltan culture, the management of lands, wildlife and infrastructure, among other fundamental issues.

“During my next term, I will focus more than ever on our homeland and seek to bring a better way of life to all Tahltans,” Day said, adding, “There will be no more grand plans or economic growth for British Columbia until these goals are achieved.

Day said he would be “even more assertive and aggressive than before” on behalf of Tahltan rights and would work to create a health department, new opportunities for young people, strong promotion of the title and Tahltan rights through the implementation of the UN Bill of Rights. of indigenous peoples.

Heather Hawkins was elected Vice-President and Sandra Marion was elected Secretary-Treasurer.

The family representatives on the council are: Bill Brown was elected for the Carlick family, David Rattray for the Etzenlee family, Annita McPhee for the Good-za-ma family, Kimberly Marion for the Ts’imgalteda (Simgaldtada), Mindy Henyu for the Shukak (Shoe Kawk / Howd-Ghette), Jodi Payne for the Cawtoonma family, Lily Belhumeur for the Eth’eni family, Clarence Quock for the Thud ga family and Natasha Callbreath for the Dekama (Quock) family. The Stikine Claw/Thicke seat is vacant.

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