Council Chairman’s Perspective: City Government Must Focus on People in 2022

It has been a busy year as Chairman of the Board. It has been a year of learning for me while accomplishing many important things. I am proud that, as city council, we are taking the issues head-on; we don’t kick the box on the road. I have felt very proud on several occasions in 2021 to work with such a dynamic board of hard-working people who are able to reach consensus even when they do not agree.

I am an optimist in general and I work from a technical point of view. I look for the good in everything, including consulting work.

I believe our tourism economy will come out on top with a new process put in place by the city government to tell our story to the world and draw people to Duluth. I fully support this because times are changing and we have to adapt to appeal to the community at large to be our best Duluth.

In light of COVID-19, we have received federal funds from the US bailouts. There were many important fundraising recommendations in the $ 58,000 package that are all important.

Public safety, in my opinion, is important to a healthy community, and one recommendation that came up this year was the Community Crisis Response Program, which will be a huge asset to the city while providing support to our crisis response services. police and fire.

Duluth is a city where we all count and are welcome. This includes the business community, the taxpayer, the poor, the homeless, the wealthy, families and friends. It was a clear message when I introduced a resolution calling on the US Senate to do reconciliation work for the Indigenous community regarding the effects of the residential school era. US Senator Tina Smith gives this task to Chambers and works for Indigenous communities in Minnesota.

As an Indigenous person in politics, I see things differently from others. I knew a city hall that lacked customer service and saw that the government did not have the human mind but rather the government mind. We are not at a point where the people are at the center of government. But we can do it.

The 2021 city council has not seen itself face to face once because of COVID-19. Hope we will see each other in bedrooms in 2022.

Miigwetch to my fellow city councilors for your work. Thank you Duluth for giving himself to me so that I can work hard for you!

Renee Van Nett was president of Duluth City Council this year. She represents District 4 on council, which includes Duluth Heights, Piedmont Heights, Lincoln Park and part of West Duluth. She wrote this at the invitation of the News Tribune Opinion page.

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