Crestview has a full schedule for Municipal Government Week


CRESTVIEW – Municipal Government Week runs October 18-23 and the Town of Crestview is working hard for the event.

Below is an overview of some of the scheduled programs:


Recognizing the often heavy burden of elected terms, the current city government will recognize and salute its living predecessors at a special city council meeting during City Government Week.

“We have nearly 20 former elected officials who served Crestview well who still live with us,” said Crestview Mayor JB Whitten. “We would like to recognize them and thank them for their selflessness during and after their term. “

The meeting is at 6 p.m. on October 19 at Warriors Hall, 211 Stillwell Blvd., Crestview.

City officials perform a multitude of tasks, Whitten said, and even though their jobs are considered part-time and the token pay is low, the work equates to full-time professional employment. But the rewards of serving their community are their rewards.

Many former officials continue to serve and advise current leaders, as evidenced by the weekly Mayors’ Breakfast where Whitten sought advice from former Crestview mayors Jerry Milligan (in office 1981-86) and David Cadle (2007 -19).

The meeting will be broadcast live on the city’s Facebook page. Elders of Crestview are urged to call the Whitten office at 850-682-3812 by October 15 to let them know if they will be attending.


With over 35 active places of worship within the city limits alone, it’s easy to say that Crestview’s faith community is an important part of city life. Often its local church members and pastors who lead social and cultural events and programs.

During City Government Week (October 18-23), Mayor JB Whitten and elected officials will meet for panel discussions with local religious leaders to discuss ways the faith community can relate to the city. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, October 23 at the Spanish Trail Park Amphitheater on Stillwell Blvd., Crestview.

Called Partnership with Pastors, the program is organized by the mayor’s office and local churches. The pastor of any active church in Crestview is welcome to participate.

Interested leaders of the Crestview faith community are urged to call the office of Crestview Mayor JB Whitten at 850-682-3812 by October 19 to let them know if they will be attending.


The town’s many clubs and organizations are invited to strut their stuff at an upcoming special Crestview City Council meeting.

Held during Municipal Government Week, the meeting will specifically recognize the social, fraternal, cultural, service and professional contributions of clubs and organizations to the city, enhancing the quality of life through a myriad of services, events and d ‘activities.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. on October 18 at the Whitehurst Municipal Building at Warriors Hall, 201 Stillwell Blvd., Crestview.

Scout Wyatt Corbin of Troop 30 describes the benefits of participating in multiple Crestview Boy Scout Troops during Municipal Government Week in 2020.

Each group will have two minutes to briefly describe their mission and, before and after the meeting, can set up a table to answer questions, distribute materials or recruit members.

The meeting will be broadcast live on the city’s Facebook page. To register your club or organization, call the office of the Mayor of Crestview, JB Whitten, at 850-682-3812 by October 15th.

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