Do not organize the walkway at the zebra cross

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Jakarta City Central Government (Pemkot) said the sidewalk of Jalan Tanjung Karang in the Dukuh Atas MRT station area was not the venue for a fashion show. The Central Jakarta City Government has confirmed that the trail is a public facility open to the public.

“Do not arrange according to the function of the sidewalk for the road bridge Of Pedestrian crossing. Please help other road users. Deputy Mayor of Central Jakarta Irwandi said it is not only those who use it, other road users are also upset. BetweenFriday (22/7/2022).

Irvandi called on the group of teenagers acting as “Sudirman, Sitayam, Bojonggede and Dipok” aka SCBD not to use the place as a fashion show. He asked the group of teenagers to pay attention to vehicle users passing through the area.

Irvandi confirmed that the Dukuh Atas MRT Station area and the Kendall Tunnel do indeed act as third places or public connectivity points. However, the public is also asked to follow health protocols, such as not overcrowding, let alone sleeping in the pedestrian area until morning.

license-free SCBD gateway

In addition, the Central Jakarta City Government deployed dozens of Satpol PP officers at 22:00 WIB to monitor and insure the SCBD teenagers.

“We appointed them to watch, at 10 p.m. they are no longer there. No one should be able to” Live Sleep there, especially when COVID is on the rise again,” Irvandi said.

Meanwhile, Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Combs Komaruddin said the SCBD did not have permits for the Dukuh Atas youth fashion shows.

“There were no permits where the children were doing the activities,” Komaruddin said.

Watch the video “Anise-Leader of the European Investment Bank Catwalk” during Spot Sitayam Fashion Week:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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