Don Walton: Here is a year of legislative opportunity | Regional government

* Basic pandemic protocol restrictions will be in place for the 2022 legislative session, and President Mike Hilgers continues to protect and preserve media access with a limitation of no more than five accredited members of the media on the ground at any time during this session. In most legislatures, that number is likely zero, pandemic or not.

* It will be interesting to see how the second day of the Legislative Assembly session, January 6, unfolds. No way the anniversary of the 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Trump goes unnoticed.

* With his grandchildren and children in mind, Harry Reid made it clear in an interview with Sam Stein two years before his death what he believes the Democratic Party’s congressional priority should be: “Priority No. ° 1 is climate change, ”he said. said, and Democrats should remove the filibuster if that’s what’s needed to enact legislation to deal with it now.

* In addition to supporting additional state property tax relief and expanding rural broadband service, the Nebraska Farm Bureau has registered opposition to the Biden administration’s Build Back Better legislation. in Congress as one of its three current priorities because of the proposed increase in capital gains, estate and corporate taxes.

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