Don Walton: Investment Opportunities Come With Workforce Challenges | Regional government

Gov. Pete Ricketts berated President Joe Biden for the language he used to condemn the election protest rally in Washington by supporters of former President Trump that turned into an attack on U.S. Capitol. United States by some of its attendees after Trump urged crowds to march on Capitol Hill.

“Shame on anyone who uses a peaceful protest as an opportunity for riot, destruction and harm to others,” the governor said.

“We don’t blame all Black Lives Matter supporters for the hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, the dozens of assaults on officers and the hundreds of ruined livelihoods resulting from largely peaceful protests,” Ricketts said.

* A strange political moment: Donald Trump is virtually advertising to find a Republican challenger to oppose GOP representative Don Bacon, with whom he is unhappy.

Senators and State Chamber target workforce development and retention of young Nebraskans

* Local government, local control, the best government is the government closest to us, all were once grassroots Republican rallying cries. Not so much with legislative efforts to place new limits on local government spending power in Nebraska and eliminate the Lancaster County local authority to issue directed health measures designed locally to protect the community as it may have. in response to COVID-19.

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