Don Walton: Special Redistribution Session – Let the Show Begin | Regional government


While most eyes seem to focus on the cards of Congress due to partisan political interests and implications, the lives of Nebraskans are likely to be further affected by the redistribution of legislative seats.

Buckle your belt; this train is about to leave the station.

Ricketts denounces Biden’s vaccination warrants as abuse of power

Saturday’s rare session of the Legislative Assembly this week could clash with the long-awaited Husker-Oklahoma game that renews an old and dear rivalry, with a kick-off scheduled for 11 a.m.

There should be a certain pageantry – and a lot of memories – attached to this game.

“I plan to meet with you on Saturday morning,” wrote President Mike Hilgers in response to my request.

“Depending on the progress, it could be a long or a shorter day,” Hilgers wrote. “I hope we don’t have to be in session during the game.”

An updated assessment of legislative redistribution from specialist David Drozd, research coordinator for the Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, responded to a question posed by Senator John McCollister of Omaha.

“The 3 great counties of Douglas, Lancaster and Sarpy are expected to receive 27.4 seats (56% of 49), compared to 25.8 in the 2010 census (52.6% of 49).

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