Don Walton: The Scary Year Is On, January 6th Is Coming | Regional government

Trump supporters attempt to cross a police barrier on January 6, 2021 at the Capitol in Washington.

Julio Cortez, Associated Press

At the end of next Friday you are gone, scary year.

The pandemic has been an ongoing tragedy – over 800,000 Americans have already died and over 5 million have left worldwide.

Who knows what new strain might be ready to follow omicron?

It would be Pi, if we stick to the Greek alphabet. And we have no clear idea what Pi might look like.

And there is another looming challenge ahead in 2022.

January 6, 2021 was a threat to our country’s future, an isolated aberration, hopefully, but potentially the start of something unimaginable, an omen, an omen, both a beginning and an end.

The answer in Washington to the big challenges is to run until the next election.

Let’s talk, delay, ignore, obstruct until the next election because that’s all that really matters here. And then we’ll start over.

We have some crucial decisions to make in this New Year.

Congress must ensure that it is easy and convenient, not difficult, for all of us to vote so that we can choose, so that we can decide together, so that we can govern ourselves as intended “with freedom and justice for all ”.

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