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Congressman Jeff Fortenberry talks to Fox News Radio host Brian Kilmeade about his experience on the Mexican border.

Representative Jeff Fortenberry visited the Texas border with Mexico on Tuesday, describing the border along the Rio Grande River as “almost wide open” to illegal passage to the United States.

“For those of us who aren’t at the border, it’s a shocking experience,” the Republican 1st District congressman said in a series of Twitter posts.

Jeff Fortenberry tweeted this photo and said help was needed at the border, where he met the sheriff near the Texas town of Uvalde.

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“The Border Patrol needs help,” Fortenberry tweeted. “They have a 500% increase in cases.

“With Border Patrol,” the Lincoln congressman tweeted at another point, “people cross paths. Surrender. Almost relaxed. Surreal.”

“It says it all when politics change,” Fortenberry said in another tweet that accompanied a photo of a border fence. “Small fence to protect the border. The big fence was built to do better. The big fence is being torn down. Defy logic.”

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry talks about his perception of the Mexican border near the Rio Grande and says it’s almost wide open.

In a tweet describing a lawsuit, Fortenberry wrote: “It’s not glamorous: tall brush, weeds, heat, mud – and plenty of places to hide. It just becomes the Old West here again. The sheriff needs help. “

Fortenberry said at one point it was near the town of Uvalde.

Jeff Fortenberry at the Mexican border

“With the border patrol,” tweeted Congressman Jeff Fortenberry during a visit to the Mexican border with Texas. “People pass each other. Surrender. Almost casual. Surreal.”

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“The sheriff just let us know that right now people who are here illegally are fighting with border patrol officers and officers near the railroad tracks.

“It will probably be a difficult day,” the congressman wrote.

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