Fortenberry Lawyer Says His Statements to Agents Should Be Dismissed | Regional government

Nebraska Representative Jeff Fortenberry announces his candidacy for re-election.

With U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry across the country in Washington, DC, lawyers argued in a California courtroom for two hours on Tuesday over whether a judge should bar prosecutors from using statements that he made it to federal agents during his trial on allegations of lying. for them.

The hearing came a day after the longtime politician announced he would run for a 10th term representing Nebraska’s 1st district in Congress this year.

In October, a Los Angeles grand jury indicted Fortenberry on two counts of misrepresenting federal agents and one count of attempting to cover up the source of $ 30,000 in political contributions “led” to a fundraiser. Californian fund in 2016.

The funds came from Gilbert Chagoury, a Nigerian of Lebanese descent based in Paris, who allegedly directed donations to Fortenberry due to a common interest in protecting Christians from persecution in the Middle East. It is illegal for foreigners to donate to American political campaigns.

Fortenberry has pleaded not guilty.

Last week, Judge Stanley Blumenfeld Jr. dismissed five defense motions to dismiss the charges and disqualify one of the prosecutors.

In court on Tuesday, before the same judge, one of Fortenberry’s attorneys, Ryan Fraser, argued that Fortenberry’s statements should be deleted because he only spoke to investigators after a prosecutor told his lawyer of the time that he was not considered a suspect, but rather was a subject, tending to be considered a witness.

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