Fortenberry raised funds for possible legal defense | Regional government


One of the billionaire’s associates, Toufic Baaklini, of Washington, DC, admitted to receiving $ 30,000 from Chagoury and giving it to an individual in January 2016 at a restaurant in Los Angeles. This person organized a fundraiser in which several people were recruited to donate the $ 30,000 to the Fortenberry campaign.

Baaklini later said he saw Fortenberry in Washington, DC, according to the documents. Fortenberry asked something like, “Do you think something was wrong with fundraising? Baaklini responded by falsely stating “no” and then asked why. Fortenberry reportedly replied “because everything came from the same family”.

The documents did not say whether the campaigns or candidates who obtained the money from Chagoury knew the donations came from a foreigner.

Campaign donors have been identified in documents by initials, amounts and dates only. A check from the World-Herald, however, matched this information with $ 30,200 in reported contributions to the Fortenberry campaign, all dated March 12, 2016, by Joumana Abboud, Antoine Alwan, Antoine Ayoub, Brigitta Ayoub, Elias Ayoub, Mirelle. Ayoub, Tamara Ayoub. , and Claude Fadlallah. All addresses listed in California.

Baaklini was also on the Fortenberry campaign donor list, but it appears his $ 5,400 donation was subsequently withdrawn, according to Federal Election Commission records.

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