Fortenberry Welcomes Afghan Evacuation Effort Led by Nebraska Student | Regional government


US Congressman Jeff Fortenberry chats with guests at a Lincoln Chamber of Commerce luncheon to discuss important issues facing Nebraskans at the federal level on October 5 at the Country Club of Lincoln.

FRANCIS GARDLER, Journal Star archive photo

Representative Jeff Fortenberry on Thursday hailed the efforts of a human rights organization led by a University of Nebraska medical student in already planning the evacuation of 6,700 people, including 1,200 Americans, from Afghanistan to following the US withdrawal of military forces.

The Human First Coalition effort has “saved thousands of people,” the Lincoln congressman said in an interview with the BBC World Service.

Safi Rauf, who was also interviewed by the BBC, said thousands of Afghans at risk who are members of religious minorities or who have helped the US military still remain with “their lives in grave danger”.

Safi Rauf

Safi Rauf

Courtesy photo

Operation Human First is designed to “evacuate people at risk,” he said.

Rauf was born in an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan and immigrated to the United States as a teenager. He graduated from high school in Omaha and served as a linguist and cultural advisor in Afghanistan for four years before going to college on the East Coast and enlisting in the US Navy Reserves. He recently postponed his enrollment at the University of Nebraska Medical Center to form Human First.

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Among the evacuees rescued by Human First was an Afghan interpreter who once served as a translator for President Joe Biden when he was a senator.

“I am in constant dialogue with neighboring countries to help with this monumental rescue effort,” Fortenberry said.

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