Full gun registration – A colossal waste of taxpayers’ money by the central government that can never ‘work’

Recent claims that implementing a gun registration system will help reduce gun violence are absurd.

The comparison with motor vehicle registration reminds us of the 20,000 motor vehicles said to be stolen each year, some of which are known to be used in violent crimes, and the 10,000 victims (of which approximately 400 are fatal) resulting from ‘road accidents.

The fact that the majority of illicit firearms recovered by police have had their serial numbers removed invalidates the argument that gun registration will solve crimes, because even if sophisticated (and expensive) technology to recover serial numbers is available, we were told by police that (a) firearms are rarely left at a crime scene, and (b) they rarely require evidence from firearms to solve a serious crime.

It seems that our police have not learned from the failures of gun registration systems in the past or in other countries.

Finally, stiff penalties exist for the illegal sale of firearms under current law, up to two years in prison or a fine of up to $20,000.

So why commit New Zealand to the budgeted cost of $200,000,000.00 when our society has other more pressing needs for taxpayers’ money.

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