Gambia: a crisis between KMC and the regional government ministry that should not have happened


The country has a central government under the executive authority and a regional government under the councils.

It also has other administrative structures such as the National Assembly and the Judiciary,

Each community has an administration and management under its service. The central government has the public service, the National Assembly has the service of the National Assembly, etc.

Article 166 of the Constitution states:

(1) Subject to any law of the National Assembly, the public service of The Gambia includes the public service as established immediately before the entry into force of this Constitution and the functions declared elsewhere in the present Constitution as being functions of the public service.

(2) Subject to this Constitution, laws of the National Assembly may provide for the establishment and regulation of separate public services in The Gambia (which may include common services for staff of local government authorities or staff of companies public). Such a law should include provisions for –

(a) the appointment or election of a competent authority for the administration of the particular public service;

(b) the functions and composition of the service, and may provide for an appointing authority other than the Civil Service Commission for the service. Any such public service is part of The Gambia’s public service. “

The law on local government provides for the establishment of a local government service under the aegis of a local government services commission.

The rules of service should guide who appoints and who reprimands violators of the rules of service.

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