Health workers once hailed while heroes now receive threats | Regional government


“It’s just added pressure on health workers who have already been under a lot of stress,” said Dr. James Lawler, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, where some doctors have received. online threats.

Dr Chris Sampson, an emergency physician in Columbia, Missouri, said violence has always been a problem in the emergency department, but the situation has worsened in recent months. Sampson said he was pushed against a wall and saw nurses kicked.

Dr Ashley Coggins of St. Peter’s Health Regional Medical Center in Helena, MT, said she recently asked a patient if they wanted to get the shot.

“He said ‘F, no’ and I didn’t ask for more because I personally don’t want to be yelled at,” Coggins said. “You know, it’s a strange time in our world, and the respect that we had for each other, the respect that people had for caregivers, doctors and nurses – it isn’t always there, and that makes this job much more difficult.

Coggins said the patient told him he “wanted to strangle President Biden” for pushing for the vaccination, which prompted her to change the subject. She said security guards are now responsible for enforcing mask rules for hospital visitors so that nurses no longer have to be the ones telling people to leave.

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