Herbster and Pillen clash over critical race theory | Regional government

Republican gubernatorial candidates Jim Pillen and Charles Herbster traded verbal jabs on Tuesday over their positions against teaching critical race theory.

Herbster began with a press release suggesting that Pillen, a regent at the University of Nebraska, has a “kissing history.”

“Because of his liberal ideology and weak leadership, Pillen is the reason the university indoctrinates our students,” Herbster said.

“Jim Pillen’s lack of action and courage on critical race theory when Nebraska students needed him most is shocking,” Herbster said. “His sudden reversal in paid advertising for political purposes is too little, too late.”

Kenny Zoeller, Pillen’s campaign manager, responded with a statement stating, “Jim Pillen was the first elected regent in America to take a stand against critical race theory.

“Jim has been a nationally recognized leader in the fight against CRT in higher education and in our schools,” Zoeller said.

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“Jim will always fight to ensure that our schools educate, not indoctrinate, our students.”

Critical Race Theory is loosely defined as an academic concept that racism is not simply the product of individual prejudice or prejudice, but is also something that is embedded in legal systems and policies. It is usually taught in higher level university courses.

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