How does Auburn city government work? Sign up for its Citizen Academy and find out | Govt. and politics

Another day is scheduled to focus on public safety, where citizens will get an overview of how the Auburn police, fire department and the city’s 911 communications board operate, according to Blankenship.

David Dorton, Auburn’s director of public affairs, said the Citizens’ Academy grew out of conversations between himself and former deputy city manager Kevin Cowper, who sought to increase engagement with neighborhoods. individuals in different ways. The two created the position of Neighborhood Specialist to boost community awareness of the city, which led to the hiring of Blankenship, and then they drew inspiration from the academy’s other programs.

“With our Public Safety Academy and our Planning Academy, I think there was good interest from people who wanted to learn more about those areas,” Dorton said. “There was even a group of alumni that formed around the Public Safety Academy and they provide assistance to the program like (helping) organize the opening kickoff and award presentations. degrees or the final event.”

Blankenship said she hopes to see similar appreciation for the Citizens’ Academy after it closes in September and has already heard from residents interested in getting involved in the program’s first year.

Registration for the Citizens Academy of the City of Auburn opens the morning of February 14 and will continue until February 28. Guardian.

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