Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska announces his candidacy for re-election | Regional government

The funds came from Gilbert Chagoury, a Nigerian of Lebanese descent based in Paris, who allegedly directed donations to Fortenberry due to a common interest in protecting Christians from persecution in the Middle East. It is illegal for foreigners to donate to American political campaigns.

In its re-election announcement, Fortenberry highlighted its recently enacted Accelerating Access to Critical Therapies for ALS Act (ACT for ALS) legislation. He also highlighted the main problems of the GOP.

Fortenberry’s ALS Bill Gets Biden’s Signature

“I believe that as Americans we can seek what is good, what is whole and what is great,” he said. “We must not give in to the most controversial voices. Neither must we accept crossing borders, an inconsistent foreign policy and a booming economy that is hurting so many people because of inflationary pressures.

“What we can do is protect our borders safely, rebuild our country with things made in America and reject voices that want to divide us into tribes. It is a vision of consensus and goodness. C This is what I will fight for, and I ask you to stay with me.

Fortenberry, which has represented the Eastern Nebraska District since 2005, was forced to temporarily withdraw, due to the indictment, from the work of the Congressional committee. This work includes a seat on the powerful House appropriations committee and his position as a leading member of the appropriations subcommittee that deals with spending on agricultural programs.

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