Jordan Elsbury leaves Jacksonville city government


Mayor of Jacksonville Lenny curryThe chief of staff of s will leave the public sector later this month.

Jordan elsbury, who joined Curry as a candidate in his 2015 campaign, is leaving City Hall later this month for the private sector. Its last day is Friday, November 12.

“As mayor, it has been an honor to have Jordan in my administration. His leadership capacity is incomparable, and his will to conquer any task, no matter how complex, is unshakeable ”, said Curry. “Watching Jordan grow his family here in our community has been a joy, and I am confident of his continued success as he moves into new and exciting endeavors. I’m proud of not call him only an employee but also a friend. It was a pleasure to serve alongside him during his mandate, and he will be sorely missed.

Fresh out of the University of Southeast Louisiana, Elsbury was climbing the ranks of Louisiana politics when he tried his luck in Curry’s 2015 campaign for mayor of Jacksonville.

Like a few campaign alumni, Elsbury remained working for the administration, first as director of appointments, then in intergovernmental affairs, and finally as chief of staff.

Elsbury now lives in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Jacksonville’s Westside, where he and his wife are raising a family. He intends to stay in Jacksonville.

Chances are he could move into government relations, especially after more than six years at the center of Curry’s initiatives, with over a year as chief of staff in what has been one of the most difficult times in Jacksonville history.

The mayor’s office will not have to look far for a replacement. Leeann krieg will rise to the post of Chief of Staff. She previously headed intergovernmental affairs for the Curry administration, which means there will be functional continuity.

“Leeann has been a port in the storm during her tenure in my administration, and it is with great pleasure pleasure, I announce that we will continue to work together as part of his role in my office grows, ”Curry said. “Leeann rose through the ranks of the Jacksonville government, and her the roots run deep within the community. His commitment to our city is unwavering and the future is bright. There’s no one better to fill the shoes Jordan left behind, and we’re both excited to move forward and believe the best is yet to come. “

Elsbury can count many political victories as he leaves this part of his career. Among them are a successful campaign for a gasoline tax, a new legal adviser and investment projects, including the redevelopment of shipyards as part of the latest Jaguars movements.

The change will likely continue for the Curry administration in the second term. Former campaign strategist (and current CEO) Brian Hugues did not ignore the speech he envisioned for Jacksonville City Council in 2023. Such a move would come after he quits his current job.

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