Letter to the Editor: Recognizing the Achievements of Our Municipal Government

Mr. Editor,

I watched the Edmonds City Council meeting on November 9 and was struck by the toxicity of our local politics. Citizens calling for courtesy but then making abusive and false statements against our officials – whom we elected and many of us continue to love and respect – demanding that they step down and yell at them for no clear reason. Qualify the mayor as “rude” when he is only respecting the deadlines set from the start. Express their anger but do not offer solutions, ideas or support for a specific policy. Much like our national policy, the main goal of many of these vocal citizens seems to be to obstruct, delay and intimidate… for what purpose? How does that make our community a better place to live? How does this promote community engagement?

Maybe that’s the point, to discourage inclusion of multiple points of view, to get people to turn away and ignore what’s going on in our city. Or maybe the point is to push a false narrative about our city, that it somehow fails when in fact we have record tax revenues, sidewalks are fixed, services are being repaired. extended, a new AAA credit rating in the midst of a global pandemic as we have successfully supported our businesses and residents with grants and emergency measures designed to keep people safe and businesses open – successes, not failures.

I encourage anyone to speak up at the next meeting – or email City Council – so that a full picture of our community is represented. Share your priorities, urge action instead of delaying and obstructing, show your support for ideas you love. I’m sure they could use a nice word or two.

Pam brisse


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