Local government should tackle apartheid legacy, says ANC chief whip Pemmy Majodina


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ANC Chief Whip Pemmy Majodina said a strong central government is needed to tackle the legacy of apartheid and ensure more balanced forms of local development.

With municipal elections taking place in 15 days, Majodina stressed on Sunday that a strong local government should be “complemented by a provincial government whose main tasks will be to ensure integrated and coordinated planning of local development, the provision of appropriate regional services. and provide support to resource-poor local communities, especially in rural areas ”.

Majodina said legislation has been strengthened to deepen local government transformation and address some shortcomings. This includes amending the Municipal Structures Act which, among other things, provides for the prohibition of a councilor who has been found guilty of violating a code of conduct for councilors for a period of two years.

“We also recently enacted the Khoi and San Traditional Leadership Act 2019, which allows for the representation of traditional leaders in city councils. These additions and changes to legislative texts strengthen our ability to pursue the fundamental transformation of local government and provide additional impetus for development specially tailored to our local communities, ”said Majodina.

She acknowledged that the Auditor General’s reports on municipal financial management highlighted the challenges of service delivery and underdevelopment. There have also been problems in filling critical vacancies and financial mismanagement within municipalities.

“The ANC in Parliament is aware of these challenges and has already identified sensitive municipalities, we have intervened using constitutionally available mechanisms, including invoking Article 139 of the Constitution to place municipalities under administration,” added Majodina. .

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