Madison election official subpoenaed in partisan Wisconsin election magazine | Local government


Yet GOP lawmakers continue to argue that the review is necessary “to ensure that confidence is fully restored in our elections.”

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos R-Rochester, who had to sign the subpoenas, said in a statement on Friday that ensuring that “the 2020 elections are conducted in a fair and legal manner is of a crucial to maintaining confidence in our electoral system. Justice Gableman is dedicated to finding the truth and has determined that subpoenas are required to advance his investigation. “

Numerous trials and counts over the past 12 months have revealed that the Wisconsin presidential election was conducted fairly.

The subpoena to Witzel-Behl focuses on the communication the clerk and his office had with many elected officials and election officials and outside groups who provided grants to help support the administration of the election during the pandemic of COVID-19.

According to the subpoenas, Gableman is particularly interested in how election clerks and other officials interacted with the Center for Tech and Civic Life – a non-profit organization backed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan – who has provided millions in grants to help facilitate elections in the state. The funding was split among communities in Wisconsin, but the lion’s share went to the five cities that received subpoenas – and are Democratic strongholds in the state as well.

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