Marco Island Celebrates Florida City Government Week


Marco Island will celebrate Florida City Government Week this week. Florida City Government Week is an opportunity for the city to engage citizens in the work of municipal government; Specifically, the city of Marco Island will focus on volunteers who contribute to the institution of local government by serving on advisory boards and committees.

These volunteers dedicate their time to ensuring that government decision-making is improved through increased public participation. The city has six advisory committees led by volunteers and a planning council.

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Members of the Board of Directors and Advisory Committees include Michael Cory, Bob Hughes, William Rogers, Elle Hunt, W. Mike Hogan, P. Andy Marascio, Michael Carr, Elizabeth Stephenson, Linda Ryan, Nathaniel O’Donnell, Jim Scarpa , Lindsay Boehner, Robert Eastman, Patricia Barber, Shelli Connelly, Maria Tobin, Mary Beth Cummings, James Eby, Dustin Nesmith, David Leaser, Kenneth Kramer, Al Musico, Victor Ordija, Sally Boyce, Phil Kostelnik, Scott Shook, Sam Spina, Bob Phelan, Jim Seegers, Matt Walthour, Carlos Portu, Allyson Richards, Adrian Conner, David Shagott, Doug Kelly, Dawn Kuhn, Dolores Siegel, Nanette Finkle, Jason Bailey, Dave Vergo, Larry Honig, Geoff Fahringer, Nanette Rivera, David Crain , Martin Winter, Steve Sokol, Eugene Wordehoff, Bill Trotter, Phillip Thompson and Michael Welty.

In addition to recognizing board and committee volunteers, the city is also planning a few fun activities, including a cafe with a cop at 9:30 a.m. on October 20, a neighborhood clean-up at 9 a.m. on October 21 at 807 E. Elkcam, and a pickleball competition from noon to 2 p.m. on October 22 at the Racquet Center.

Residents are invited to join city employees at these events. For all city meetings and events scheduled for October, visit the city’s website at

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