Mold Testing and Remediation Continues at Guilford County Jail in Greensboro | local government

GREENSBORO — Mold testing in inmate living areas at the Greensboro County Jail is continuing, according to a news release from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office announced Aug. 5 that mold had been detected in some areas of the Guilford County Detention Center in Greensboro.

As of Wednesday, 14 units on the third and fifth floors had been tested for mold, according to a news release released Friday afternoon. Trials of two more units were due to be completed next week.

The county hired Environmental Solutions Group to assess areas of mold, the sheriff’s office said.

The company performed indoor air quality measurements, moisture meter readings, and took air samples and drywall swabs for microbial lab analysis. He also performed visual checks for potential air quality and moisture intrusion issues, the sheriff’s office said in the statement.

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The sheriff’s office received written air quality reports with test results, observations, recommendations and photographs of the first nine homes tested. He did not include the 16- to 28-page reports in the release, or provide a summary of their findings, but said the reports could be obtained through the county’s public records request system at

The county was still awaiting results for the remaining prison units.

Sasser Cos. has completed cleaning the 3D dwelling unit, according to the release. A Sasser contractor has also cleaned the HVAC ductwork above the ceiling tiles in this unit and a temporary ceiling is in place until the mold-damaged ceiling tiles can be replaced, the report said. county.

A retest of this unit confirmed that the mold remediation was successful.

The county is moving inmates from the worst-affected units to another living area while vacated units are cleared. All affected units will be retested after remediation to ensure the mold is gone, the sheriff’s office said.

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