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Shopping habits have changed dramatically over the past few decades.

In the 80s and 90s, malls and big box stores reigned supreme. Apart from catalog and mail-order purchase options consumers had no choice but to venture into the stores to make their purchases – and it was not uncommon for teenagers, couples and families to spend their weekends browsing the chain stores of the local mall. Without competition from online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores were able to easily (and repeatedly) attract the coveted foot traffic they needed to turn a profit.

This is hardly the case these days. Widespread and affordable access to the internet has had a huge impact on how people shop and where they shop. There are now countless shopping options at everyone’s fingertips, whether it’s groceries, new jeans or the latest beauty products. Just tap a smartphone or tap a keyboard to make a purchase, no trip to store required.

The widespread availability of the web has not only impacted how customers shop. It has also had an impact on what they buy and how they determine which products to buy. Indeed, customer reviews are now readily available to shoppers on a wide range of websites and platforms and have become essential elements for making purchases online.

But how, exactly, do these customer reviews impact purchasing decisions and why? To find out, Vocal Video has compiled a list of eight ways customer reviews have shaped how people buy products online and how they help consumers make decisions about what to buy, using consumer survey data and e-commerce press releases.

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