Nebraska Attorney General Ready to Challenge Federal Vaccine Warrants | Regional government

Following increased pressure from the Biden administration, more and more state-owned companies are mandating vaccination of their employees. Here are some of the bigger ones.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson expressed concern on Friday about pending federal COVID-19 vaccine warrants previously announced by the Biden administration and said his office “will be ready to take appropriate legal action. “if they are implemented.

“The attorney general is concerned that some or all of these federal warrants are illegal,” his office said in a press release.

Doug peterson

Peterson and his team “plan to review them carefully as they become available,” the statement said.

Vaccination mandates announced earlier by the federal government would require companies with 100 or more employees to require their employees to be vaccinated or undergo regular COVID-19 testing; require most health care facilities with Medicaid or Medicare reimbursement to immunize all their employees; and mandate vaccinations for employees of companies that contract with the federal government.

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Federal guidelines for the latter guideline have been issued so far.

“Nebraskans want to know if these federal warrants are enforceable,” the attorney general’s office press release said.

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“This is understandable since many Nebraskans are facing the loss of their livelihood and are exploring ways to keep their jobs without having to take any of the vaccines,” he said.

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