Nebraska Relaunches COVID Dashboard, At Least Temporarily | Regional government


Lincoln hospitals ‘at breaking point’, says Bryan Health

If the ratio of hospital patients with COVID falls below 10% of the total hospital population on a seven-day moving average, Ricketts said the dashboard would turn off once again.

The executive order follows an Aug. 26 declaration of a hospital staff emergency in Nebraska.

At that time, there were about 337 COVID patients in state hospitals, which was about a third of the state’s peak of 987 established in November of last year.

About 2,400 people are hospitalized for other reasons, according to the state health department.

Lincoln’s drop in COVID-19 cases could be the start of a positive trend

Meanwhile, the total number of available beds has increased from around 4,200 to 3,900 due to staffing issues, which have contributed to the increase in the COVID patient population, the governor said.

102 people were hospitalized in Lancaster County on Monday, including 22 on ventilators. The county also reported that a woman in her 50s had died. She was not vaccinated and had been hospitalized.

Chief medical officer Dr Gary Anthone said the number of new coronavirus cases in the state has started to slow after an 11-week increase.

The number of COVID-19 cases drops at the LPS; suspended indoor field trips

Last week, the number of cases rose 2% from the previous week, Anthone said, which is down from a rapid increase in late summer attributed to the delta variant, and may indicate that Nebraska follows other states in the region that reported a drop. infection rate.

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