Nebraska Unemployment Website Down for Update | Regional government

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The website used by Nebraskans to apply for unemployment benefits will not be available until early next week while it undergoes upgrades.

The NEworks site was taken offline on Nov. 29 at 7 p.m., according to the State Department of Labor. Updates are expected to be completed by Tuesday.

The upgrades will streamline services for employers, according to department spokeswoman Grace Johnson. The functions are currently split between two websites.

The upgrades are happening in the shortest possible time, Johnson said, and the department has timed them so people aren’t left out of the deposit for a full week.

Weekly claims certify eligibility for the previous week, so people had Sunday and Monday until 7 p.m. to certify their eligibility for last week. Johnson said the department sent out notifications ahead of the shutdown so people know the days they can file.

If someone missed the Sunday-Monday window, they can file both last week and this week when the site comes back online. This would result in a person receiving payment for two weeks at the same time.

People fired this week can file claims when the website returns and request that the claim be backdated, Johnson said.

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Spokesmen for Legal Aid and Nebraska Appleseed both said Wednesday their organizations had not received calls from customers concerned about the site’s outage. Johnson said the ministry’s employment centers and unemployment call centers were reporting “a very manageable level of inquiries” about website upgrades and that the call center was having “times. very short waits “.

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