North Korea’s central government warns local epidemic commands to follow rules

On June 27, North Korean authorities announced that they were considering measures to ward off the threat of “new virus variants”. (Rodong Sinmun – News1)

North Korea’s state emergency anti-epidemic command recently convened the emergency anti-epidemic commands of northern and southern Hwanghae and Kaesong provinces for a sudden late night teleconference.

A source from South Hwanghae Province told Daily NK on Thursday that the state Emergency Anti-Epidemic Command convened the teleconference on the night of July 12.

“He handed out several warnings, pointing out things that were not done in accordance with Public Health Administration guidelines and regulations,” he said.

According to the source, the State Emergency Anti-Epidemic Command said at the meeting that COVID-19 and other infectious diseases had turned into a “stew” that threatened people because “the officials did not pay close attention while working in accordance with the state’s health administrative guidelines and regulations.

He strongly criticized the incompetence of the three regions’ emergency anti-epidemic commands.

The state’s Emergency Anti-Epidemic Command called on officials to punish doctors, pharmacists or quarantine officers who turned away sick residents who requested tests without providing accurate diagnoses, calling on them to be fired. or forced to participate in quarantine-related fumigation tasks.

The source said the State Emergency Anti-Epidemic Command said it could not ignore the “inhumane, reckless and irresponsible behavior of the offending parties, which cannot be trivialized during the maximum quarantine period of ’emergency”.

Furiously, he said the individuals should also face criminal penalties because their actions “cause labor shortages in state production workplaces, leading to lower productivity.”

The state’s Emergency Epidemic Command also stressed that officials should always be on guard against the danger of COVID-19.

The command noted that North Korea should monitor the COVID-19 situation with more interest than other countries and focus its efforts on quarantine activities. He explained that even in foreign countries where there have been multiple rounds of vaccinations, COVID-19 not only continues, but has even become endemic.

The source that the State Emergency Anti-Epidemic Command ordered the establishment of a “public health administrative system” adapted to the current situation in North Korea while referring to foreign examples . He also criticized some quarantine officials for hiding the number of infectious disease cases.

The state’s Emergency Anti-Epidemic Command has condemned provincial, city and county quarantine officials who falsify the numbers as “bold people who report lies to the party,” the source said.

“He warned that he would not tolerate this behavior in the future, telling officials to accurately report the number of cases in their area,” he explained.

The source added that the State Emergency Anti-Epidemic Command told officials that only the Pyongyang headquarters has the authority to add or subtract from the total cases, while subordinate units cannot offer. only opinions.

“He urged officials on the ground to adhere to guidelines and regulations during quarantine efforts, treatments, isolations and disinfection activities,” he said.

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