Opposition to blocking roads if Sindh Local Government Act is not withdrawn

The protest took place against the recently passed Sindh Local Government (Amendment) Act 2021, which the opposition say removed all powers from the elected mayor of Karachi to develop and govern the city.

The opposition said the next protest will take place at Teen Talwar Roundabout in Clifton (a famous roadside landmark in Karachi) and outside the nearby Bilawal House which is the residence of the People’s Party leadership ruling Pakistani.

Addressing protesters, opposition politicians vowed to continue their fight against ‘bad governance’ in Sindh, saying they were ready to face arbitrary arrests and political ‘victimization’ of the from provincial leaders.

Federal Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi, who was one of the prominent politicians who attended the protest in his capacity as chairman of the Sindh branch of the PTI, called on the people of Karachi to come down to the street to pressure the government of Sindh to fulfill their basic rights in accordance with the Constitution.

The federal minister said that the government of Sindh has no choice but to transform Karachi to meet the standards of global cities to improve Pakistan’s economy.

He said the local government in the province should be empowered to solve the basic problems of the masses.

MQM organizer Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui lamented that Karachi had contributed massively to Pakistan’s revenue pool, but the provincial capital was in a sorry state due to the sheer negligence shown by the Sindh government during many years.

The MQM leader has warned that the people of Karachi are ready to stage a protest in front of the chief minister’s house to improve living conditions in their city by empowering municipal agencies in accordance with Article 140 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

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