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The local government election on December 4 is expected to cost taxpayers just over $360,000, a jump of over $125,000 from the 2017 election. Like most councils in NSW, Orange hires the Commission electoral NSW to organize its elections and the final bill is not expected before the middle of the year. According to estimates presented in July 2021, Orange’s bill would be $363,947, including $33,086 in GST. The board had budgeted $330,000, the amount before GST. Cr Jeff Whitton said he thought it was time to explore alternatives. “Ultimately it’s up to advisors to get the best value for the community. I think that’s something we need to look at,” Cr Whtton said. Alongside the council running the election itself, Cr Whitton also said electronic voting seemed like a more convenient and cost-effective alternative, particularly for pre-voting. “I know [the ivote] he had his problems this election but the system is built so that it counts as you go, so you only have to press a button at the end. taken into account in the estimate of the Electoral Commission. Venue rental was the second largest expense at $51,027. GST was followed by logistics ($16,582) and information technology ($16,444). The election was held in 14 voting booths on polling day, while there were polling stations in Kite. Street, North Orange and the Returning Office on Endsleigh Avenue. The total number of registrations for Orange was 30,109, with 84% of the votes cast. There were 25,424 votes counted, including 1,684, or 6.62% informal votes. The cost per elector was $12.09. For comparison, the bill for the 2017 election was $237,978 with a total of 188 employees. The average cost for an elector was $8.17. There were 29,131 registered voters and 24,928 voting. The informal vote was 2,269 or 7.75%. The cost of the 2021 election for Bathurst Regional Council was approximately $330,000, nearly $100,000 more than the previous local government election. The election was originally scheduled for 2019 before COVID-19 pushed it back to December 4 last year. The next local government election will be held as scheduled in September 2024. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: TELL ME Send a letter to the editor using the form below


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