Paying Property Taxes Online Will Be Less Expensive In 2022 | Local government

Paying Lancaster County property taxes online or with a credit card will be cheaper next year.

Lancaster County Treasurer Rachel Garver announced on Tuesday that her office has partnered with Grant Street Group, a new provider of credit card and online payments, which will lower the service fees that taxpayers pay.

As of January 3, electronic checks for online payments will be free and service charges for online credit and debit cards will be reduced to 2.19% of the transaction. In-person debit card transactions will incur a flat fee of $ 2, and in-person credit card transactions will also be reduced to 2.19%.

“We hope that with the free online e-checks, more people will pay their property taxes online, reducing processing costs for the county,” Garver said.

To accommodate the change in payment provider, Lancaster County’s online payment system, including online property tax payments, will be down on January 1 until approximately 8 a.m. on January 3. .

The property tax statements for 2021 are available online. Tax slips are in the mail and residents should receive them shortly.

The first half of property taxes is due on or before March 31, and the second half is due on or before July 31.

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