Poll finds Nebraska GOP governor’s primary remains a draw | Regional government

Just two weeks before the May 10 gubernatorial primary, a new poll commissioned by a political consultant reiterates that the Republican nomination appears to be fair game for one of the three candidates.

The poll, conducted April 19-20 by Data Targeting for Neilan Strategy Group, found Sen. Brett Lindstrom, Conklin Co. CEO Charles Herbster and University of Nebraska Regent Jim Pillen were all on the fringes. error – and a significant portion of voters who did not choose their candidate.

He found a Lindstrom poll at 28%, followed by Herbster at 26% and Pillen at 24%, with 16% undecided. Former state senator Theresa Thibodeau came in at 6%.

“This race is still a three-way draw,” said political consultant and strategist Perre Neilan, owner of Neilan Strategy Group. “The only number that really matters here is the 16% undecided.”

According to a poll note, the survey of 858 respondents was conducted using interactive voice response calls and online surveys solicited by SMS. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points at the 95% confidence interval. Neilan said in a press release that the poll was not conducted on behalf of any candidate or campaign committee.

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Polls released by the Herbster and Lindstrom campaigns in March already suggested a three-way race, and the results of another poll commissioned by the Lindstrom campaign, conducted April 10-12, showed the gaps between the candidates were narrowing then. that undecided voters were breaking away. This poll was conducted just before the Nebraska Examiner’s report into the allegations of eight women, including a state senator, who said Herbster groped them. Herbster denied the allegations, which drew condemnation from many prominent figures in the Nebraska political landscape.

Other takeaways from the survey results released Monday included that 57% of undecided voters were less likely to vote for a candidate accused of groping women (the question did not identify Herbster by name).

In a statement on Monday, Lindstrom’s campaign spokesman Pat Trueman said the state senator was “soaring” because his “positive, conservative message of tax cuts” resonated with voters. voters.

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Lindstrom, who has raised far less money than either of the other top contenders, has increasingly come under attack from publicists.

The attacks frequently center on a criticism from his opponents that he is not conservative enough to be governor of Nebraska and point to a handful of votes he has taken as a lawmaker. A recent letter funded by the Herbster campaign calls Lindstrom, whose campaign messages have focused on his support for tax cuts, a “liberal in disguise.” Another, who calls him an “Omaha liberal,” was funded by Nebraska’s conservative black money group. Governor Pete Ricketts, Pillen’s most prominent supporter, has previously said he paid the conservative Nebraska money – at the time he was behind negative ads attacking Herbster. The three candidates have all been the subject of negative announcements.

“It all depends on turnout,” Neilan said in a statement. “Lindstrom, Herbster and Pillen better be willing to personally drive their voters to the polls on May 10. It’s so close.”

On Monday evening, Lindstrom, Herbster and Thibodeau are scheduled to attend a debate hosted by NTV News at the Phelps County Ag Center in Holdrege. Pillen declined the invitation and declined all opportunities for debate. On Friday, Herbster will show up with former President Donald Trump, who supported him, for a rally at I-80 Speedway near Greenwood.

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