Relocated Senator Matt Williams Still Represents Those Who Elected Him | Regional government

Senator Matt Williams, who lives in Gothenburg in central Nebraska, is now the state senator in a Sarpy County legislative district that borders the Iowa border to a half-state.

Legislative District 36 was moved from rural Nebraska to the metropolitan area during the September special session of the Legislature to respond to redistribution demands imposed by the state’s shifting population.

But Williams, a Gothenburg banker who still has a year to serve in the legislature before being limited in his term in late 2022, has not moved with his district.

“Technically, yes, I now represent Legislative District 36 of Sarpy County,” Williams said in a telephone interview.

State Senator Matt Williams

Piece: 36

From: Gothenburg

Party: Republican

“But, practically, I still represent the same people in the old Legislative District 36,” he said. “I feel like I represent the people who elected me.”

There has been no trip to Sarpy County to show up, Williams said, although he may accept some invitations to events in the rapidly growing metropolitan Omaha County over the coming year. .

There will be no change in how he votes, Williams said. He is still the senator from Gothenburg and he is still what he was.

“I think there is a misconception that Senators change the way they operate after being redirected,” Williams said. “But they really don’t.

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