Republicans Propose to “Turn” Wisconsin Unemployment System into Re-employment Program | Local government


Evers spokesman Britt Cudaback said the governor had concerns about the proposed bill, but did not provide details.

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One of the main measures of the bill would change the wording of state law referring to “unemployment insurance” to “re-employment assistance” and would require the DWD to create a re-employment assistance division. , according to an analysis of the bill by the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau.

Under current law, unemployed applicants are required to complete at least four job search actions each week, although DWD has the option of requiring an individual to complete additional search actions in one week. After an applicant’s first week of benefits, the individual must provide DWD with information such as job application documents, upon request, and attend a public employment workshop, training program or to a similar reuse service, according to LRB.

The bill would require claimants to make at least two direct contacts with potential employers as part of their four job search actions from their third week of benefits. Applicants living in Wisconsin should also keep a resume posted on the DWD Employment Center website from their second week of benefits.

Under current law, the DWD provides applicants with a list of potential employment opportunities, but does not have to require individuals to apply for specific positions. The bill would require the ministry to provide such a list to applicants, who would have to apply for these positions in order to meet the job search requirement and be eligible for benefits.

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