Restoring Trust in Municipal Government by Listening – Santa Cruz Sentinel

When a letter writer (January 18) wrote that voter confidence is being eroded and undermined in city governance, she is right. But it can be easily fixed by listening.

Santa Cruz voters trust the elected officials and city staff who listen when we say the Farmers’ Market should remain in its iconic location for 20 years on Lot 4, that 10 heritage trees will not be felled to make way to a structure spanning the entire lot length and width. Constituents have confidence when council and staff heed every parking consultant’s advice not to build a new car park – it’s not necessary and its funding is insecure; better manage parking. They are trusted when the city honors voters’ Measure S approval to renovate the library at its historic location at the Civic Center.

Learn about the ballot petition at Hear from the voters of Santa Cruz City. Let’s rebuild trust.

—Lisa Ekström, Santa Cruz

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