Retired from central government? Consult the guidelines for a quick resolution of your grievances


The guidelines are aimed at redressing grievances, in particular for priority target groups, namely family retirees and super-senior retirees.

The Department of Pensions and Retiree Welfare of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Complaints and Pensions recently issued guidelines for the prompt and qualitative handling of retiree complaints. The Department of Pensions and Retiree Welfare (DoPPW) has set up a one-stop-shop interface for all central government retirees to register their grievances regarding any of the central government ministries / departments / organizations.

These complaints are then forwarded online to the relevant ministry / department / organization for redress via the portal of the Centralized Pension Complaints Resolution and Tracking System (CPENGRAMS).

Although specific guidelines / instructions have been issued repeatedly to ministries, the DoPPW has issued the instructions / guidelines and revised the grievance redress timeframe specifically for priority target groups, namely family retirees and super retirees. seniors to promote good governance and ensure that family retirees / retirees obtain their legitimate rights.

Guidelines for the redress of grievances

I. In accordance with the Central Public Services (Pensions) Regulations 1972, each office is responsible for sanctioning pensions, reviewing and paying pension benefits to its employees. Therefore, any grievance related to pension and other retirement benefits should be resolved by the relevant office from which the employee retired or served prior to death.

ii. Any grievance must be resolved within the framework of the rules in force. In the event of a grievance outside the framework of the rules, an order to speak will be issued indicating the position of the rule.

iii. All ministries / departments / organizations must strictly adhere to the 45-day deadline for resolving retiree grievances. If the grievance concerns a family retiree / super retiree (aged 80 and over), the time limit for resolving the grievance is 30 days.

iv. Any grievance will only be closed after its final resolution. If a grievance concerns a subordinate / attaché office, the case may be forwarded by the ministry / department to the concerned office, but it should not be closed until final action is taken.

It is the responsibility of the relevant ministry / department to follow up the matter with the subordinate / attached units for a final resolution. Each Nodal Agent should undertake a weekly review of outstanding grievances in the portal.

v. The grievance will not be closed due to lack of documentation from the pensioner / family pensioner. The office can contact the retiree concerned on the mobile phone number or by e-mail available on the CPENGRAM portal in order to ensure a rapid and satisfactory resolution of complaints.

vi. The ministry / department / organization will dispose of grievances after indicating that they are “accepted” or “rejected” or “partially accepted”. In the event that the grievance is settled in favor of the retiree, the “Accepted” option must be indicated. In other cases, an order to speak must be issued indicating the reasons for the rejection / partial acceptance and also uploaded to the portal.

vii. Re-registered cases should be handled by the appeals authorities designated in each ministry / department / organization for this purpose.

viii. Departments / departments / organizations should identify the main areas prone to grievances and streamline their systems to eliminate the root cause of grievances. Cases delayed beyond the deadline must be analyzed and dealt with promptly.

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