Rs. 80,000 Phone Thieves Arrested by Mumbai Central Government Railway Police


A phone thief who was mistaken for an assailant was arrested by Mumbai police after a 25-year-old woman approached Mumbai Central GRP to file a complaint when she realized that her phone was missing. Rs 80,000 was missing.

The incident occurred while she was on her way to work in the general local compartment. Initially, the passengers had mistaken him for an assailant because he was seen playing with his handbag. There was a fight between the passengers and the man stole his phone. After stealing his phone, he managed to escape just in time.

The woman was reportedly working at a company hospital in Mahim and had entered the slow train from Churchgate. She rose from her seat as the local passed through Bandra to descend to Mahim when her wireless Bluetooth was plugged into her ears as she listened to music. Recounting the incident, the young physiotherapist said she was in a hurry. When she got off the platform, a commuter asked her to check her purse. His music was still playing. As she was rummaging through her purse, the train left and the music stopped. It was then that she realized that her iPhone was missing.

The thief was found in Dharavi which already had 14 crimes recorded in his name.

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