Saki West, Atiba Local Government, Pick First and Second Places, as Oyo Government Celebrates Omituntun Cultural Festival of Food, Costume and Handicrafts

As part of efforts to preserve and promote the beauty of Yoruba culture worldwide, the Oyo State Government celebrated the Omituntun Pacesetter Arts and Culture Festival 2022 on Monday.

Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Wasiu Olatunbosun during a speech at the event held at Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Ibadan said the occasion was organized to promote Yoruba arts, culture and heritage.

He explained that the festival was used to showcase the 33 potentials of local governments in arts and culture and to identify new talents who will represent Oyo State in national festivals like Abuja Carnival and festivals. of Nigerian art and culture.

Olatunbosun said the administration under Governor Seyi Makinde provides an enabling environment for businesses to flourish, adding that more than 160 tourism potentials are in the state.

He said, “This is the second edition of the Omituntun Pacesetter Culture Festival and our goal is to promote arts and culture.

“We want to take this opportunity to identify new talent that we can use to represent Oyo State in national festivals like Abuja Carnival and Nigerian art and culture. So, the talents we identify today will be the set of people who will represent Oyo State.

“We are using this forum because we realize that Oyo State officials are aging and we need new talent that we can showcase anywhere and anytime they hold a national or international arts festival and culture.

“We all know that Oyo State is a haven of culture and art as well as tourism and this administration has managed to create an atmosphere for private investors to come to Oyo State.

“You can see that the number of hotels, i.e. hotel business, has really increased in Oyo State due to the environment created by Governor Seyi Makinde, and we have been successful. to create another environment for other tourism investors to come and invest in tourism.

“So, for example, we have about 160 tourism potentials in Oyo State and we want people to come. As you can see, this is a cultural and touristic festival. We have many people all over Nigeria who have returned from abroad to attend today’s festival.

“This administration has succeeded in creating an atmosphere for private investors to come to Oyo State.

“Like I said, it’s the second one. We had the first one last year. By the grace of God, we’re going to have another one next year. So it’s going to be an annual event and if you look at the Aso Oke festival, before we arrived they were having problems but as soon as we arrived we started it so we had it last year, and we are going to have it this year as well .

“But this one cuts through all of these sets of cultures across the 33 local governments in the state. So, unlike the Aso Oke Festival which is domiciled in Iseyin and the Festival which is domiciled in central Ibarapa, this festival crosses 33 local governments in the state and it will help us develop talents and help them bring value their cultural potential which they want the whole world to see.

“If you look at what we are doing today, we are broadcasting it live and people are seeing it all over the world and we have people on every continent watching it live and if you watch it you will see that even most local governments showcase young talent. So with these young talents it means that saying in Yoruba that says “Oosa ti aba fi oju omode kan, ko ni parun”. It literally means that if you start teaching your kids about your religion and your family’s holiday, that holiday won’t die out, so that’s exactly what we’re doing. If we don’t have this forum, these potentials will die without living them.

Part of the event’s activities include a parade by the 33 local government cultural troupe, display booths of arts and crafts exhibits, some of which gave credence to the rich culture represented in the food, arts, language, clothing and other ways of life of the people of the state.
Additionally, the event was attended by the personalities who graced the occasion, Moye Olubadan, Chief Ibadanland Chief Lekan Alabi, Chief Bayo Oyero, Senator Monsurat Sunmonu, Local Government Chairpersons, Political Officials and many others.

Others are the wife of the former Governor of Oyo State, Chief (Mrs) Mutiat Ladoja and the founder of the Immaculate Schools Group of Ibadan, Chief Mrs. Bola Doherty among others.

The best overall positions went to Saki West Local Government, Saki who came first, Oyo West Local Government who came second, Ibadan South West Local Government who took third position and the local government of Iseyin which chose the fourth position among the thirty-three local authorities which took part in the contest.

The competing local government contingencies were scored on their performance in areas such as costume, best king/queen display, food court/arts and crafts display, parade of most discipline and masquerade contingents.

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