Senate Committee Holds Public Hearing on GOP-Drawn Maps | Local government


Matthew Rothschild, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and advocate for non-partisan maps, highlighted the state’s 56 counties that have supported county council resolutions or county-wide referendums in favor of a redistribution independent and non-partisan in Wisconsin.

Rothschild said the maps drawn by the GOP “are the opposite of that”.

“They are a cynical, hyper-partisan maneuver to keep Republicans in charge of the legislature, not by persuading a majority of voters that their ideas are better, or their values ​​or their policies – none of that,” he said. he declares. “In fact, with these cards, they don’t need to change the mind of a single voter.”

The GOP-drawn maps adopted in 2011, when Republicans held full control of the legislature under former Gov. Scott Walker, have delivered large Republican legislative majorities over the past decade, even when Democrats have won all of them. statewide races in 2018. Republicans argue their advantage stems from Democrats being concentrated in urban areas.

A Wisconsin State Journal analysis of the unofficial vote total in the Wisconsin legislative elections showed that Democratic candidates received 46 percent of the total votes cast in the state assembly elections, but did not obtain only 38 of the 99 seats after winning two new districts. In state Senate races, Democratic candidates won around 47% of the total vote, but won just 38% of the seats on the ballot and controlled only 12 of 33 seats.

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