Senator Justin Wayne applies to be a judge | Regional government


“For me, I don’t want this process to be political,” he said.

Wayne said it was a private ambition that would fuel his desire for public service. A 2005 graduate of Creighton School of Law, Wayne said he admired several judges and had some as mentors.

Like many lawyers, Wayne said, he “never thought of becoming a judge” and believes his experience and behavior are suitable for the bench. Some lawyers apply more than once. Wayne said it was his first candidacy.

“It was a difficult period for everyone”: the legislature approves the redistribution

He said he was considering applying earlier this year, but did not want to interfere with his leadership in the Legislature on the redistribution. This special session, which Wayne helped lead, ended around noon Thursday. Wayne applied at the end of Thursday, just before the deadline.

District judges earn $ 178,000 per year and preside over a variety of cases, from divorces to criminal trials to tort litigation.

Wayne noted that he is not the only one who has had to reconcile the impact that career desires could have on the political makeup of the legislature.

Omaha Senator Tony Vargas, a Democrat, is running for Congress in Omaha District 2. If he wins, he will have to leave his seat before completing his term.

“I’m looking for what’s best for my family right now and what’s best for my future in public service,” Wayne said. “There are a lot more steps to take. Why not start the process? “

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